Looking for a way to promote your brand with Sezzle? Submit a badge to our directory, giving our one million+ shoppers a chance to find your store. 

The directory badge consists of two parts, a lifestyle image, and your store logo. See the guidelines for the Top Image + Bottom Logo below: 

Top Image:

  • Use a professional picture. This might be a shopper’s first glance at your brand! Please use a high-quality lifestyle image or flat lay
  • Showcase your brand or products - make this the focus! 
  • Make sure the image fills the entire top space. There should be no white borders around the image
  • Use an image that is at least 1080x1080 pixels in dimensions. Most larger images won’t load, so you might need to resize if the picture is too big

Here are some examples of merchants who used professional photos to showcase their brand, and made sure the image filled the entire space:

Common Denial Reasons

  • Don’t use a selfie-style image. Although selfies are a quick and fun photography solution, they don’t portray your store as well as a lifestyle image or product-focused professional flat-lay. 
  • Don’t use words or logo overlays on your lifestyle image. 
  • Don’t use blurry or grainy images. The badges are viewed on desktop and mobile versions, so make sure it has a clear resolution! 
  • Badges will only be accepted with single images. Any submission of collages will guarantee disapproval. Exceptions may be made on a very limited case-by-case basis.
  • Make sure your top image is not your logo, as well! The logo goes in the bottom square. 

Bottom Logo:

  • Please upload your logo with a transparent background and ensure it is clear, not blurry, and is at least 1080x1080 pixels in dimensions. We will not accept logos that:
    • Have a non-transparent background
    • Are not centered in the area, with an equal amount of white space around the logo

Here are some great examples where the merchant has used a high resolution, transparent logo, and ensured it was centered:

Ready to submit your store badge?

1. Log into your Sezzle Merchant Dashboard and navigate to the Store Directory tab!

2. Drag and drop your lifestyle image and your brand logo to their respective places.

3. After dropping and sizing your lifestyle image and logo, select up to three categories that best describe your store and product mix.

4. Submit! We'll email you when your store listing has been approved. If you get asked to submit a different badge, double-check the guidelines here to make sure it meets our requirements.

5. For extra search-ability, you can add tags! When shoppers search keywords, it will help your store show up. You can add them here. If you want more ways to promote with Sezzle, you can also check out our brand assets. 

If you have any questions about your store badge, please email us at merchantsupport@sezzle.in.