When a dispute is opened, additional information is provided within the dispute itself explaining why it was opened and what information we need to resolve the dispute.

This can be accessed by logging into your Sezzle merchant dashboard, selecting "Disputes" on the left, selecting the dispute in question, and then clicking on "Manage Dispute." You'll then see why the customer disputed the transaction in their own words, and if you click "View Conversation" you'll see the message from us indicating the information we deem necessary to resolve the dispute. You can then provide a response within the portal directly, which we will see and review. If the information is enough to resolve the dispute, we will close it out, and if more information is required we will request the additional information that we need.

You can also issue either a full or a partial refund right from that window, which we recommend doing to ensure the wrong order isn't refunded (we typically see this in instances of customers with multiple orders from the same merchant). 

Please provide your response within the dispute portal itself, as that ensures that our dispute team is able to pair your information to the specific order in question. The portal communicates with us directly, not with the shopper - we then pass along any relevant information to the shopper.

Most commonly, we need tracking showing movement (not in label created or pre-shipment status), an RMA number, or a refund to resolve the dispute. We do completely understand that there may be disputes that can't be resolved immediately, so feel free to use that conversation portal to fill us in on the situation. You can even upload supporting documents!