Whether a shopper wants to return, cancel, exchange, or modify their order, we ask that they reach out to you directly. Since we don't have access to your e-commerce platform, we are unable to make any modifications to orders or initiate any refunds.

We do not have any restrictions on what kind of policies you offer at your store - whether you issue full refunds, keep a restocking fee, or just issue store credit is entirely up to you. We just ask all transactions – Sezzle or otherwise – have the same policies applied to them.

Should the situation warrant a refund, we will process whatever refund you issue. Platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce have a seamless Sezzle integration that allows you to issue a refund from within those platforms and then have the refund sync back to your Sezzle account. You can also always issue a refund through Sezzle directly. Refunds are then subtracted from your next withdrawal, and can always be seen on your "Refunds" tab.

Regardless of how much the customer has paid, please issue a refund as though they have paid in full - we will handle adjusting their repayment plan for you!

We are unable to reverse or alter refunds once they have begun processing. Never issue a refund via cash, as if the customer states that they did not receive their refund, you will not have a way to verify that it was issued. Please do not issue refunds through alternate platforms, like PayPal or Venmo.