If you don't get your funds, please first start by checking that your bank account is linked and verified. If no bank account is connected and verified, no funds will be deposited. To check, please log in and select “Bank Accounts” on the left-hand side. Ensure that there is an account listed, and make sure that it has “Verified” in blue on the account.

If no bank account is listed, click “Add Bank” to get your bank connected. We’ll then send two micro-deposits within a matter of business days, and then you’ll be able to verify the account once those have been posted.

If it is not yet verified, click “Verify Account” and then enter the amounts that we’ve deposited to get it verified. If you can't find the amounts within your bank statement, we recommend deleting and re-adding your bank account information, so that new micro-deposits will be sent.

Once that's complete, please utilize the table at the top of the page to set up that account to receive funds. If an account is not set up to receive funds, your withdrawals also will not be sent.

If your bank account is connected, please navigate to your “Settlements” page. This will tell you the exact amount and date you should expect to see your funds in your bank account. Clicking the “Processed” tab will show you all of the settlements we fully processed for you. This page will also note if those funds are part of the “Standard” or “Interest” program – funds that have processed and have a type of “Interest” are ones that you will need to manually withdraw.

If you see that the date has passed, that the type is “Standard,” and you haven’t received your funds, please reach out to us directly. If the type is “Interest,” please manually withdraw those funds to your account (or leave them in to earn some money).

If you're still running into problems, please reach out to us at merchantsupport@sezzle.in.


If you received funds, but the amount isn't what you expected, please look at your "Withdrawal Account" page - that will detail any adjustments (like refunds or referral bonuses) that may have impacted your final deposit amount.