We transfer the funds from the order to your Sezzle account when the order is placed. The date those funds are sent to your bank account depends on your specific application – the most common settlement period is 3 business days. You can always clearly track the dates your settlements will occur within your dashboard on the "Settlements" tab.

We combine orders with the same settlement date into one settlement, so orders placed on the same day will be settled on the same day. Often, orders placed on a Saturday and Sunday will also be combined into one settlement as well. The total settlement amount is equal to the total of the orders, less any Sezzle fees.

You can view all upcoming settlements by logging in to your account and selecting “Settlements” on the left. You’ll then be shown the page listing all your pending settlements, with the dates and the amounts clearly listed. If you select a settlement, it will show all orders that are part of the settlement. If you select the “Processed” tab, you will be able to see all settlements that have been fully processed, and you can select a settlement to see all orders that are part of the settlement.

You should also check out your "Withdrawal Account" tab for additional information – this tab will tell you the final amount sent to your bank account, factoring in things like refunds or currency conversion fees. For example, you might have a ₹3000 settlement from the weekend, but a 250 refund was also issued, leaving a total of 2750 that will be transferred to your bank account.


If you haven't set up your bank account, your funds will not be sent to your bank account. To make sure your bank account is set up, please follow the following instructions:

To get your bank account set up, log into your Merchant Dashboard and select “Add Bank.” Follow the prompts, and be sure to monitor your bank account. We will deposit two small amounts (microdeposits) to verify that we are connecting to the correct bank account. Once those microdeposits have posted to your bank account, log in to your Sezzle account, select “Bank Accounts,” and click “Verify” next to the bank account in question. Once the bank account has been verified, we will automatically deposit the funds into your connected bank account per your settlement schedule!