Don't want shoppers using Sezzle for a pair of earrings that costs 100 rupees? We get it!

To set up a minimum order amount, we have a few things that have to be in place first:

1. Ensure you have installed the Sezzle widget (price breakdown on the item page). For most platforms, we can help with this install once everything else has been configured. CommentSold merchants do not need to complete this step.

2. Establish a minimum INR amount you'd like for Sezzle shoppers. We recommend an amount that's accessible for your customers - while we understand the perks of only having large orders come through Sezzle, it's typically easier to build loyalty and get repeat shoppers when they're able to start with smaller amounts. We recommend setting your minimum around your current average order value.

3. Post that minimum amount somewhere on your store’s page for your shoppers to see to avoid confusion at checkout (this could be in the FAQ section, as a banner, or on each product description, entirely up to you). Please note, this posting must be on your site itself, not just a Facebook group or social media post.

4. Send a screenshot of that posted notice to The screenshot must be of the posting live on your site, and cannot be from your store's backend. 

Once you've completed that, our team will work on getting that minimum order amount in place for you!