Our platform operates by charging the merchant a set percentage and a small processing fee. There are absolutely no sign-up or set-up costs!

Upon signing up, the approvals team will let you know what rate applies to your store - the rate is determined by the kind of products that you offer, how long your store has been in business, as well as other factors.

For merchants, we help fight abandoned carts and give their shoppers the confidence and ability to check out today, helping to increase conversion rates. We also collect our fee automatically, so there's never a worry about paying a monthly bill.

Last but not least, we help by covering all fraud and repayment risks, guaranteeing revenue. We pay merchants upfront, and take on the entire risk associated with the delayed payments! Merchants never have to worry about how much a shopper has paid or when a shopper's instalment plan is due. To get a demo or to get signed up, click here.