We always recommend checking your Sezzle dashboard to verify the refund amount. Please note that the payment for your order was split into 4 instalments. The number of instalments you have paid till the time order was cancelled and refunded, that's the amount you will receive as a refund. 


If you feel like the overall amount refunded wasn't correct, please reach out to the merchant directly. It is always best to get clarity on the amount from the merchant first, they will be able to explain why they issued the amount. Sometimes it also could be that the merchant has a restocking fee or that they don't refund shipping costs.


If the overall amount refunded is correct, but it hasn't been posted correctly to your original payment method, please double-check the methods used for each instalment. Often, one instalment will be paid on one card, but the rest of the instalments will be paid to a different card - so the refund will be broken up across two payment methods.