We at Sezzle value each and every customer’s feedback and experience and we regret losing any one of our customers. Still, you always have the freedom to close your account, please keep the following:

  • Closing an account is permanent, and cannot be reversed. If you choose to come back to Sezzle at a later date, your order history from your closed account will not be able to be moved over to a new account.

  • All outstanding instalments do need to be paid in full before your account can be closed.

  • In the future, if you wish you come back, then you will need to register again with another email address and mobile since the old one will no longer be accepted.


In order to close your account, head over to our website www.sezzle.in and log in to your account, then click on the “account” tab which is present on the top right corner, under the account, select “personal information” and scroll down to the end to see the “close account” option.