Occasionally, a merchant will be unable to fulfill your order, especially when their merchandise runs out of stock. When this happens, the merchant will typically notify you directly and refund your purchase through Sezzle. It may take a few days for the refund to process.

Once the merchant has issued a refund through Sezzle, we’ll refund your original payment method. It typically takes between 1-3 business days for the funds to show up in your account, but it may take up to 10. Some merchants may offer you a refund via store credit or a replacement item. In these instances, we will not return any funds to your Sezzle account, and no changes to your installment plan will be made.

To view a breakdown of your refunded order or manage your payment installment plans, log into your Sezzle dashboard and follow this path: Refunded > Click for More Details > Total Refund Issued